Hi, I’m Indygo: Welcome to Of the Flesh

I’m a hopeless romantic with an affinity for kink and an unyielding passion for some of the deepest forms of human sexuality and connection.

Who is Indygo?

In hopes of shedding light on my life and welcoming you into the wild that is my world, I want to share part of my story with you. But first, there are some details you should know. I’m a BDSM professional at a commercial dungeon, the managing editor of a high-profile fashion publication, and a sex & intimacy coach. As a coach, aka love doula and sexual muse, I empower clients in healing trauma, embracing their sexuality, and developing a deeper understanding of vulnerability to cultivate connected and fulfilling relationships. I am currently fulfilling my certification with the Somatica Institute and am in the throes of writing a memoir. I’m a masochist, horror film hound, fitness junkie, admirer of all things haute couture, and the epitome of a true Libra. As a passionate woman who embraces many conflicting interests and curiosities, I am always on a search for balance between my love for kink and a steady career to self-care and personal relationships.

I became sexually curious at a very young age and as I got older, I found myself being drawn to more perverse types of sexual activities. One of my very first memories of truly exploring my sexuality followed my discovery of The New Encyclopedia of Sex, first published in 1985. It was hiding in the depths of a family member’s closet. That book and a back massager got me off far too many times than I’d like to admit.

Being submissive has always come very naturally to me and while I wandered cluelessly through the scene at various stages of my life, I wasn’t officially introduced to BDSM until July of 2018. Over the last two years I have been deeply involved in the community and have fallen flat on my face in love with the magic, the people, and the experiences that embody it. I have been invited to speak about kink and sexuality on various panels and podcasts, including the SAR Panel (Sexual Attitude Reassessment) for The Sexual Health AllianceIs Our Love_____? and Pass the Porn: A Cinematic Social Experiment. I do what I do because it brings me a greater form of intimacy, it teaches me patience and how to love deeply, but more importantly, it allows me to live more authentically.

What is Of The Flesh?

Of the Flesh is an alternative blog dedicated to intimacy, passion, and the exploration of self. It is for sexual deviants and passion seekers alike— a project I hold very close to my heart because you’ve inspired me to bring it to life. This blog is for individuals seeking a free-spoken and genuine introduction to the BDSM subculture, sex, relationship dynamics, and deep-rooted themes we often silence. It is for seasoned kinksters, erotica enthusiasts, self-love mavens, and those yearning to venture out into the unknown and explore their inner selves.

Of the Flesh is a platform to not only chronicle my personal journey and knowledge within the community, but to also create a safe space that drives meaningful conversation and inspires you to be unapologetically you. Not everything here will resonate with every human and at times, you may stumble upon content you do not like or understand. That said, I encourage you to reach out and share those disagreements, but to respect the fluidity and dynamics of these complex topics, please be considerate in doing so. Feedback is always appreciated and welcomed.


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